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“I had an eight-week window to write the story of my life and expose the bogus allegations against me. Seth was a total professional. He did the scouting work, helped me gameplan and delivered a book that truly captured my journey -- from the beat-the-odds triumphs to the bewildering, misguided legal events that nearly destroyed my life to the amazing relationships that have sustained me.” — Rick Pitino, Pitino, My Story

"Seth is a total publishing pro. His editorial feedback and help on The Greatest Beer Run Ever was spot on and invaluable." - JT Molloy, co-author, The Greatest Beer Run Ever

“Seth Kaufman — the Craftsman — had the patience of Job in forcing me to produce and structure the book.” — Norman Anderson, Vision Our Strategic Infrastructure Roadmap Forward

“Seth Kaufman’s vision and creativity were critical in shaping Eat My Schwartz from a germ of an idea to a full-fledged book. His guidance helped us sell the proposal. And his writing helped craft a memoir that one football scribe called ‘easily, one of the most unique and well-done books about NFL life I’ve ever read.’ We couldn’t be more proud of that. Seth is an All-Pro collaborator.” — Geoff Schwartz, Eat My Schwartz

“Seth Kaufman’s voice rings loud and true in the pages of this book — all literary praise goes to him.” — Brig. Gen. Rober Spalding, Stealth War: How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept.

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